Intro to Graphic Designing

Who should attend?


This course is aimed at complete beginners of the graphic design world.


At a Glance


This course is designed to enable the student to design graphics for print and graphics for web using industry standard tools.


Course Level: Beginner

Time frame/Duration: 16 Hours

Prerequisites: None



Chapter 1:Navigating the Workspace

Chapter 2: Working with Documents

Chapter 3: Image Modes & Color Selection

Chapter 4: Selections and Masks

Chapter 5: Layers and Blend Modes

Chapter 6: Adding and Working with Type

Chapter 7: Painting Tools

Chapter 8: Retouching Tools



Learning outcomes:

•    To introduce the student to the field of graphic design, the realities of design practice and the procedures of the beginner.
•    To develop systems of creative thinking that will aid in solving visual problems.
•    To explore how problems are resolved in graphic design and how ideas are generated.
•    To understand and define successful graphic design.
•    Acquire basic graphic design software skills
•    Discuss and understand some basic visual communication theories related to graphic design
•    Participate in and understand how to critique of visual form
•    Develop basic hand skills related to graphic design presentation and print prototyping