Computer and File Management

Who should attend?


The course is ideal for complete beginners to computers.


At a Glance


This course will help the students to use a computer properly and perform basic file management tasks.

Course Level: Beginner

Time frame/Duration: 8 Hours


Prerequisites: -




Chapter 1: Operating System

Chapter 2: File Management

Chapter 3: Utilities

Chapter 4: Print Management

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use the main features of the operating system including adjusting the main computer settings and using built-in help features.
  • Operate effectively around the computer desktop and work effectively in a graphical user environment.
  • Know about the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organize files and folders so that they are easy to identify and find.
  • Use utility software to compress and extract large files and use anti-virus software to protect against computer viruses.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use simple text editing and print tools available within the operating system.