Creative Vector Graphics Designer with Illustrator

Who should attend?


This course is aimed at students who want to extend their knowledge in the graphic design world.


At a Glance


This course is designed to enable the student to create of visual images for a variety of context.


What you will learn?

Course Level: Intermediate

Time frame/Duration: 30 Hours

Prerequisites: Creative Photo Imaging Production



Topic 1:      Vector vs. Bitmap Graphics

Topic 2:      Creating a First Document

Topic 3:      Illustrator Workspace

Topic 4:      Creating Geometric Objects

Topic 5:      Pathfinder

Topic 6:      Staying On-Target with Guides

Topic 7:      Moving, Aligning and Distributing

Topic 8:      Documents and Pasteboards

Topic 9:      Adding Type to Artwork

Topic 10:     Stacking Order

Topic 11:     Transformations

Topic 12:     The Pen Tool

Topic 13:     Mastery of the Pen Tool

Topic 14:     Working With Color

Topic 15:     Strokes and Outlines

Topic 16:     Appearance Panel in Depth

Topic 17:     Graphic Styles

Topic 18:     Transparency Panel

Topic 19:     Symbols

Topic 20:     Shape Builder Tool

Topic 21:     Drawing and Painting with Brushes

Topic 22:     Perspective Drawing

Topic 23:     Creating Blends  

Topic 24:     Gradient Mesh and Envelopes

Topic 25:     Overview of Effects

Topic 26:     Layers Panel

Topic 27:     Working In 3-D

Topic 28:     Distortion

Topic 29:     Automated Techniques

Topic 30:     Working With Raster Images

Topic 31:     Advanced Object Manipulation

Topic 32:     Advanced Text Techniques

Topic 33:     Working With Effects

Topic 34:     Advanced Path Techniques

Topic 35:     Advanced Color Techniques

Topic 36:     Output and Print


Learning outcomes:

•    Design Logos
•    Layout Designing
•    Design Newspaper and Magazines Ads
•    Creation of CD covers and packaging
•    Product stickers and labels
•    Draw basic shapes using the shape tools
•    Apply a range of Illustrator effects