Intro to IT

Who should attend?


This course is an introduction for non-computer users (who are new to computers)


At a Glance


This course is designed to introduce users to personal computers. Users will learn what a PC is and what an operating system is. They will learn basic computer skills such as turning a computer on, logging on to Windows, and working with files. Users will also learn to use a computer in order to perform many tasks such writing a letter, analyzing numeric information, or maintaining an updated list of client information.


Course Level: Beginner

Time frame/Duration: 12 Hours

Prerequisites: None



Chapter 1: Getting started with personal computers


Chapter 2: Working with folders and files


Chapter 3: Navigate in a Word Processing Document


Chapter 4: Update a Spreadsheet


Chapter 5: Run a Presentation


Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to use a personal computer effectively.