JavaScript for Web Development

Who should attend?


This course can usefully be taken by those working with web sites that require any JavaScript capabilities.


At a Glance


This course should be followed by those who want to make their HTML and CSS website interactive.

Course Level: Beginner

Time frame/Duration: 22 Hours

Prerequisites: Students are expected to have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and some limited basic programming skills.



Chapter 1: What is Java Script programming about?

Chapter 2: How to add a script to your pages

Chapter 3: The document object model

Chapter 4: Starting to program with JavaScript

Chapter 5: Practice programming using data types, variables, operators, functions, conditional statements, looping, events and built-in objects

Chapter 6: Writing JavaScript

Chapter 7: Working with Script

Chapter 8: Forms


Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate the ability to develop and program using the JavaScript programming language.

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